Pain Is Not The Only Option

Pain affects people differently. For some, it triggers obvious physical reactions. However, pain can be much more complex and personal. It can influence emotions, productivity, finances, and have a negative impact on an individual's quality of life. This is why PPMA is dedicated to the diagnosis, management and treatment of acute and chronic pain. Our physicians will perform a thorough evaluation of each patient. A specific treatment plan is then formulated to address the patient's individual needs. This treatment plan may include interventional procedures that help identify and treat the pain generator. Management may also utilize medications, physical therapy, a home exercise program and a holistic approach specifically tailored to each individual patient.

Our Services

PPMA specializes in the treatment of the following conditions:

    » Disorders of The Spine

      Degenerative Disc Disease
      Disc Herniation
      Spinal Stenosis
      Myofascial Pain

    » CRPS I (Formerly known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)

    » CRPS II (Causalgia)

    » Neuropathic Pain

      Degenerative Disc Disease
      Post-Herpetic Neuralgia
      Diabetic Neuropathy
      Post Stroke
      Peripheral Neuropathy
      Facet Arthropathy

    » Myopathic Pain

    » Cancer Pain

    » Musculoskeletal Disease

    » Rheumatoid Disease

    » Work/Accident Related Injuries


PPMA offers a variety of options for personalized care plans:

    » Epidural Injections

    » Discography

    » Transforaminal Injections

    » Facet Injections

    » Median Branch Blocks

    » Sacroiliac Joint & Hip Injections

    » Sympathetic Blockade

    » Peripheral Nerve Blocks

    » Radiofrequency Devervation

    » Suprascapular Nerve Blocks

    » Spinal Cord Stimulation

    » Trigger Point Injections

    » Percutaneous Disc Procedures

    » Neurolytic Procedures

    » And many others...

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